Terms of Service

This page will contain in details the terms of service of SoQube, which are currently being drafted by the SoQube legal team.

In general, upon signing up, a user of SoQube, accepts being responsible for any legal issues regarding copyright, privacy violation, etc that may be associated with any channel, any video, any photo, any music, any text, and any content of any sort uploaded, contributed to, shared, posted or created by the user. SoQube team has all rights to erase any channel, any social network, and any content to which any kind of abuse is reported. Nothing in these terms shall confer the benefits and rights of a third party.

Any views or opinions expressed on SoQube do not necessarily represent the opinion of SoQube team nor the philosophy of the company, unless it is clearly stated by the SoQube management team.

SoQube team will be notifying users of any major changes to these Terms of Service. However, it is the full responsibility of users to periodically review the most up-to-date version of the terms. As a SoQube user, you agree to be bound by any revisions and any modifications made by the SoQube team to these terms of service and policies and that is at any time.